Great Smoky Mountain Engagement Shoot

When your photographer hikes 8 miles in the cold, wind and rain while carrying all of his equipment and climbs up cliffs just to get the perfect shot of you and your fiancé, you know you picked the right person to share this sweet season of life with.

He not only conquered his fear of heights on our trip, but he also woke up at 4a.m. so we could start our hike by sunrise for good lighting. From the very beginning, he kept us laughing and made Daniel and I feel so at ease in front of the camera. He brought our vision to life and related our engagement photos back to something that is a huge part of Daniel’s and my relationship. We are absolutely blown away by the moments he captured and we cannot say enough good things about our talented friend and photographer, Derek Couts.

Here are just a few of our very favorite photos from this shoot. After scrolling through, please take some time to check out Derek’s work on his website and contact him for your wedding photography needs. I guarantee that he will exceed all of your expectations!

Photos: Derek Couts Nashville Wedding Photographer

Derek’s Website:

Derek’s Blog: Charlie’s Bunion Engagement: Jill & Daniel

Engagement Shoot Video: Charlie’s Bunion: Jill and Daniel





Mountain Top Engagement

Mountain Top Engagement

Mountain Top Engagement



Mountain Top Engagement


Mountain Top Engagement


Mountain Top Engagement

Mountain Top Engagement




Mountain Top Engagement




Mountain Top Engagement

We cannot put our gratitude to Derek into words and we are still marveling over how he perfectly captured our relationship with each click of the shutter.

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