Easy & Inexpensive Way to Repair Garmin Watch Band

Daniel and I signed up to run the Knoxville marathon next March. We’ve never run a marathon before so if you’ve got any advice for us, send it our way!

With the race being five months away, we’ve been logging a good amount of miles each week in preparation. We take turns on who gets to use Daniel’s Garmin watch on our runs because it not only logs our time, but tells us how far we’ve gone and our pace per mile. It’s a powerful training tool and it’s helped us tremendously on our runs. But there was one tiny problem with the watch.

After years of wear and tear, the watch band broke. We were having to carrying the actual watch piece in our hands during our runs which got kind of annoying, not to mention how easy it was to drop and damage it even more.

Daniel looked for solutions to getting the band fixed, but it basically boiled down to purchasing another Garmin watch entirely, which is not a cheap investment. 

(Here’s the part where I get to brag on my resourceful husband!)

Daniel found a YouTube video that showed how to repair the watch for way less than it would cost to buy another one.

All you’ll need is:

  • Watch band (Daniel got this one from Amazon for $12 and it’s been working great.)
  • Tiny screwdriver (Daniel used the smallest screwdriver in a set like this.)
  • Two small pieces of plastic. Daniel cut out plastic pieces from an empty milk gallon. 

Once you’ve got your supplies you’ll need to unscrew the four screws in each of the corners on the back of the watch. Put your new watch band in place, then fit the two small pieces of plastic over the watch band and the holes of the four screws on both sides of the watch. Use your tiny screwdriver to put the four screws back in place, and if the back of your watch looks like the picture below, you’re done! Your watch is ready to wear out on your next run.

22809613_10155948532541600_424713126_n 2

22752246_10155948532581600_554895002_n 2

This project cost us less than $20 and was a better solution than buying a brand new Garmin for 10 times that amount!

22782372_10155948532516600_1240391799_n 2

One thing to keep in mind: It took Daniel a few tries to unscrew the four screws on the back of the watch because they are so small and screwed in very tight. I had to hold the watch down for him while he used both hands to turn the screwdriver. So, if you’re having trouble with the screws at first, get someone to hold the watch piece down while you use both hands to turn the screwdriver.