Cozy Minimalist Home: Plants

I have a black thumb. Or maybe our old apartment was positioned in a weird spot and the plants on our balcony either didn’t receive enough sun or received too much sun and burnt to a crisp? Yes, our directionally challenged apartment is to blame! That’s what I’m going with.

Thankfully, I’ve discovered that indoor plants are much less needy and dramatic than my deceased outdoor plants. I love the way they look and how they make a room feel, they purify the air and it’s always nice to have a living thing in the room. The author of Cozy Minimalist Home is an advocate for large indoor plants too, as they take up a lot of space and make a big visual impact for a small price.


I have several indoor plants, but I’m on the lookout for two larger plant species that I plan to strategically position to cover up the jumbled mess of cords behind our TV stand when you first walk into our apartment, and to hide the air vent on the wall near our couch (pictured below).

I have been on the lookout for a fiddle leaf fig for several years. I love the shape and glossiness of their leaves and I think they make a statement in any room. To my delight, I recently found a large shipment of fiddle leaf figs at Lowe’s. They were reasonably priced compared to how much the fancy greenhouse down the road from our old apartment sells them for. I was ready to snatch one up without another thought, but first consulted with a knowledgeable employee. He told me that fiddle leaf figs need high light and to be fertilized often. The corner I was planning to situate the plant unfortunately does not receive high light. I decided not to spend money on a large plant I wasn’t sure I could keep alive or care for. (I should note that although I have several indoor plants, I’m not the most caring plant mom. I place my plants near windows and water them every week, but other than that, I really don’t want to deal with them. It’s your job to serve ME, plant! See, I’m not very compassionate.)

All in all, the fiddle leaf fig seems as if it’d be too high maintenance for me. *insert sassy emoji of your choice*

I’ll continue my search for large, indoor plants that are OK with medium to low light. In the meantime, if you have any plant suggestions or tips, drop a note in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “Cozy Minimalist Home: Plants

  1. I love the plant in the picture behind the couch. Be careful not to put too much in front of return air vent. It needs air too. As for my knowledge of plants….it does not exist. I can kill silk plants. Keep doing what you are doing and you will get the home if your dream.

  2. Me too! Mom got that for me for Christmas. I plan to hang it from the ceiling in front of our big balcony window. Just set it on that tall stand for now until I can find a bigger plant to go there. Have you tried succulents? Or a cactus? 🙂

  3. You are off to a good start with the philodendron you have pictured….it is very easy to care for, and will grow bushier when you keep the ends pinched back, plus you can root the clippings for more plants in water.

    For a tall floor plant that thrives on neglect and low light, try the good ol’ dracaena (janet craig variety)

    Other medium sized, or tabletop, plants I’ve had good luck with down through the years:
    1.) prayer plant (I had one for years, plus I love the name)
    2.) peace lilly (another good floor plant, and you can divide it and make other plants!)
    3.) wandering Jew (same as your philodendron and a good hanging plant also like your philodendron)
    4.) spider plant (same as your philodendron and wandering Jew)
    5.) mother in law plant (my mother had one for years)

    With these plants, you can water them once a week, give them their vitamins (fertilizer) every so often and repot once a year. This is minimal care.

    • The philodendron is very happy by our big balcony window! It’s the easiest-to-care-for plant that I have. I did end up getting the snake plant/mother-in-law’s tongue for the corner by our air vent! It looks great and I love the color and pattern of the leaves! It seems like a hardy plant. What fertilizer do you use for your indoor plants?

  4. Love the placement of the plants in your home! Whenever you’re back in the area, there’s a shop called Lawrence & Clark Cacti Company (check them out on Instagram) that sells all kinds of indoor plants, not just cacti that you may want to check out! My cousin Emmi has bought all of her plants there, they are super knowledgeable and will even pot the plants for you!

    • Thank you, Mary! I will definitely stop by Lawrence & Clark Cacti Company. It sounds magical! I’ve found that indoor plants are the way to go. I haven’t been successful with outdoor plants yet, so the indoor plants are boosting my confidence haha. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  5. I give them about 2 shots of fertilizer a year….one in spring and one in the late fall. I just use the water soluble Miracle Gro I’ve had good luck with for years. One scoop per gallon of water….turns the water blue….grows my ferns out on the front porch every year and all the other plants, too!

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