The Things We Do For Plants

You know you’ve reached a new level of adulthood when you find yourself dashing around the yard at 10:30 p.m., hurriedly throwing bedsheets over your annual flowers to prevent them from getting nipped by the frost.

I didn’t know much about flowers, gardening or plant care before living in this house, but when you become the new caretaker of several mature patches of irises, peonies and azaleas in mid-bloom, you do what you’ve got to do to keep them alive and thriving for the duration of the spring.

So, that’s where I’ve found myself the past two nights. Donned in my PJ pants, winter coat, pom-pom hat, and with Daniel’s help, we carefully tucked in and sang bedtime lullabies (just kidding!) to each flower patch scattered about the yard.

The snowball bush was too big to cover, so it had to fend for itself. It was frosted over yesterday morning, but I’m hopeful that it’s big and hearty enough to keep going. The frost made for some pretty pictures though!

I’ve noticed that the azaleas have new blooms, and the irises and peonies seem to be continuing to grow, so fingers crossed our efforts helped out a little.

I couldn’t help but snap a picture of the wasp hive in our carport this morning. It doesn’t look active, and I should probably knock it down, but the geometric pattern is beautiful and fascinating. It’s like free decoration.

Nature is the coolest. And if you don’t think so, get out in it more and I guarantee your mind will be changed.

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3 thoughts on “The Things We Do For Plants

  1. Wish I could’ve seen THAT–you running around in the dark, wrangling with the bedsheets…..ha, ha!! Oh, the things we do for love………..the things we do for our children… stepping out into traffic on Chapmansboro Pike to pick up all the tidbits of a desk drawer that fell out of the bed of the pick-up truck onto the busy highway….tee hee! You’re a good Lil’ Miss Green Thumb!

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